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Introducing KiwiCig ULTRA™ – our refillable cartridge designed for use with KiwiCig Premium E-Liquids™.

ULTRA™ screws on to any KiwiCig battery and, once purchased, offers existing KiwiCig cartridge users the opportunity to switch to using liquids easily.

ULTRA™ cartridges are reusable and may be filled up to twenty times before being disposed of.

Filling your ULTRA™ cartridges:

1. Remove the cartridge from its packaging.

2. Remove the black mouthpiece from your cartridge.

3. Hold the cartridge at an angle and drip e-liquid into the chamber. Avoid getting liquid into the hollow centre cylinder due to overflow.

4. Fill the cartridge to your desired level without exceeding the full line (approximately 1 ml).

5. Finally, Replace the mouthpiece of your cartridge and attach to your fully-charged KiwiCig™ battery.

Note: After filling your Ultra Cartridge give the cotton wick time (at least 5 minutes) to absorb the E- liquid. This will prevent a burning smell or taste and will also ensure your Ultra Refillable Cartridge lives up to it’s expected lifespan.

Try our different flavoured E-Liquids https://www.kiwicig.co.nz/e-liquids/

1 review for KIWICIG ULTRA™ (3 PACK)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Have been using these for nearly 3 years now and find them great value for money. Easy to refill.

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