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We are proud to give you KiwiCig™ - New Zealand's own e-cigarette! KiwiCig electronic cigarettes comprise of a high-quality rechargeable battery and disposable cartridge. Our e-cigarettes are easy to use: they turn on automatically while you are inhaling and otherwise remain on standby to maintain the charge in your battery. Tasting and looking like a real cigarette, you avoid the tar, ash, stained fingers, smelly clothes, second-hand smoke, carbon monoxide and bad breath that traditional smokers must endure. 'Vaping' is also considerably cheaper than tobacco smoking. Also, your KiwiCig  electronic cigarette can be used almost anywhere! You can buy KiwiCig™  through our website.

KiwiCig™ Electronic Cigarettes are more than 75% cheaper than real tobacco cigarettes, which means the average 20 cigs a day smoker can save NZ$4018 per year. 

How much can you save per year?

How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?             Cost of tobacco cigarettes           Cost of  KiwiCig™        You save per year       
half a packet  NZ$2737.50  NZ$728.17 NZ$2009.32
1 packet  NZ$5475.00   NZ$1456.35 NZ$4018.65