VIP Program

What are VIP Points?

The KiwiCig VIP program is our way of thanking our best and most loyal customers. Just purchase as usual and we’ll give you points. Every time you pass 1000 points you can get $NZ 25 discount on your next purchase.


Earning your points

Create an account
You have an account already? Good.

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Create your account here

Login and purchase
As soon as you log in and make your first purchase you’re earning VIP points. One VIP point is awarded for two dollars spent (after discounts)

Write a product review (optional)
100 VIP points are awarded for writing product reviews. To get points, see product detail page and write a review there.
Only registered customers reviews get points.

If you have already written a review and haven’t received your VIP points, please wait till your next purchase.

Perform a special task (optional)
From time to time we will run campaigns to promote our brand and award VIP points to customers who help us.

Using your points? It’s very simple

Every time you earn 1000 points you can get $NZ 25 discount on your next purchase. All you have to do is ensure your redeeming purchase exceeds $NZ 25 in value.


Keeping track

Once signed in, your current points tally will be shown on your My Account page. Look for the KiwiCig VIP points on the left menu. YOUR VIP POINTS ARE REALLY YOURS. You earned them, they’re yours, they never expire.

Please Note: VIP points are awarded once a customer has signed in and purchased through this site, and we have received payment for that purchase. Phone orders do not accrue VIP points. Wholesale orders do not accrue VIP points. Purchases prior to 16/4/15 do not accrue VIP points. VIP points from one account cannot be combined with those from another account. VIP points not used in generating the $NZ 25 discount are carried forward. The $NZ 25 discount must be used in a single order, as soon as it is acquired. We reserve the right to alter the amount of points awarded for any activity.