Our E-Cigs

Our Electronic Cigarette

KiwiCig E-Cigarettes are crafted to the highest standard, using the latest technology.

This two-piece device consists of a rechargeable battery and whatever flavoured Cartridge you choose or KiwiCig Ultra – Cartridge to attach. Each Cartridge contains a solution which, when heated, releases a warm vapour that is as pleasant to inhale as it is satisfying.

Our kits

The Economy Kit was designed with the first-time user in mind. Equipped with all you need to start vaping, this is possibly the best value start-up Kit on the market. The Black Case Kit is hardy and stylish – and fits neatly into your pocket.

Our flavoured cartridges

Whatever your taste, we’re confident you’ll find a favourite among the eight flavours in our range. Our Cartridges have built-in vapourizers, so no cleaning or tricky maintenance is required. Each Cartridge contains a solution of water, flavouring, propylene glycol (found in many foodstuffs) and one of five quantities of nicotine (see diagram)

Watch this clip to see a KiwiCig in action

“This E-Cigarette has been… absolutely fantastic.”


Make your comparison

KiwiCig Electronic CigarettesTraditional Tobacco
Ash and ashtraysNoYes
Lighters and matchesNoYes
Secondhand smokeNoYes
Stained fingers and teethNoYes
Bad breath, smelly clothesNoYes
Tar and carbon monoxideNoYes
Contains nicotineYesNo
Vary your nicotine doseYesYes
Can use anywhereYesNo
Wide choice of flavoursYesNo


Charging your battery

Our lithium-ion batteries are even smarter than they look. When a user inhales, a computer chip instructs the battery to power the vapourizer. This, in turn, heats the cartridge solution and creates vapour. While charging, the USB indicator lights up red and the battery tip glows. See the different ways to charge your battery below.

Using a USB port to charge

Using a Wall Socket to charge

Using a Wall Socket to charge