There are many reasons people choose to make the switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vape products. It’s a great thing to do for your health, and an easier way to transition away from a smoking habit than other methods that are out there. Vape refills and accessories are also a much cheaper alternative to traditional cigarettes because they aren’t so heavily taxed in New Zealand.

Switching to vape products is a great way to save money. Even though each person’s smoking habits are different, we can all agree that smoking cigarettes daily makes a huge dent in our wallets. Vaping, on the other hand, can be seen as a much cheaper alternative. But just how cheap is vaping compared to smoking cigarettes? This blog aims to find out.

How Expensive Are Cigarettes?

In New Zealand, the cost of cigarettes is rising annually, with no sign of slowing down any time soon. This becomes increasingly frustrating for those with a smoking habit they can’t shake. At the moment, a standard pack of cigarettes costs around $30. This means smoking a pack a day can cost $210 a week, and over $10,000 a year. This is only going to become a more expensive habit every January when the cigarette tax rises again by 10%.

New Zealand has some of the highest cigarette prices in the world, so having a smoking habit in this country is completely unrealistic.

If you choose to just buy a cheaper brand of cigarettes, the cheapest pack of 20 you can get are still going to set you back $24.50. Alternatively, you can choose to cut back on the amount you smoke, but this is easier said than done for those with a smoking habit.

The Costs to Switch

Switching to E-Cigarettes is a smart move if you want to continue to your nicotine habit, without the ongoing costs. Your biggest spend when switching to E-Cigarettes will be the start-up costs – that’s everything you need to get yourself started, from the vape and charging pack, to buying a few different juices to decide which one suits you best. KiwiCig offers affordable kits that have everything you need included in one cover-all price.

When buying your E-Cigarette, make sure you get one that can be refilled, or has interchangeable cartridges, as this reduces waste and saves you money by not having to buy the whole mechanism each time. A refillable E-Cigarette can range from $24.95 for a starter ‘Economy’ kit, to $150 for a kit that has everything you’ll ever need.

Investing in a good starter kit may seem pricey, but when you think about the savings you’ll make long-term, they really pay for themselves.

Everyday Costs

Once you get into the swing of things, the cost of maintaining an E-Cigarette habit is minimal. Depending on the type of E-Cigarette you have, you will either have to refill it with cartridges or e-liquids. Make sure that when buying cartridges you get ones that match your brand and model of e-cigarette, as they aren’t always interchangeable.

In terms of costs, a pack of 5 disposable cartridges will cost you just under $20 from Kiwicig. One cartridge is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes – and you get five in a pack for less than the price of one pack of New Zealand’s cheapest cigarettes. If you smoke a pack a day, you’ve already saved about $130 in your first 5 days.

An even cheaper way to use E-Cigarettes is to buy premium liquids. Some E-Cigarettes will have a refillable cartridge that lets you pour liquids directly into them. This means you can get creative with mixing and matching your liquids, and you don’t have to buy a new cartridge each time so you can save money by buying bulk liquids.

Switch to A Kiwicig Lifestyle Today

Whether you have the occasional smoke with friends, or a whole pack a day, E-Cigarettes are the obvious choice for a cheaper option. Shop online for E-Cigarettes and vape accessories NZwide today.