KiwiCig is Promoting the N1 Kiwipod Vape Starter For Christmas


This Christmas KiwiCig is promoting the N1 Kiwipod Vape starter, with a special on for this month only. Normally selling for $45, this month it is on sale for $39.


This compact little pod system comes with pre-filled cartridges filled with a range of fruity and tobacco flavours. With each pod lasting about 350 puffs, enough to keep you vaping all day!


One of the awesome features of this pod is the magnetic charging. This is a really lightweight pod, weighing only 25 grams. LED indicator lights are featured inside the battery, and the battery longevity should last you about 500 charge cycles.


The Kiwipod is available in three different colours, blue, black and grey, and in the box you will also get a handy leather pouch, which can be worn on a lanyard or attached to your belt. It has a range of six different flavours, and in the box, you get a tobacco menthol, a gummy candy, and pure tobacco. You can also get a strawberry Kiwi, a lichee watermelon and an American mixed tobacco.


The Kiwipod has been made for smokers who may still be hesitant about switching to vaping. It comes beautifully presented in a rather large box, and the ‘unboxing experience’ is awesome, just perfect for that elusive Christmas present. Along with the Kiwipod, in the box you also get three different flavours, the gummy candy, the tobacco menthol and the pure tobacco flavour, and it delivers a really good nicotine hit.


One of the cool things about the Kiwipod is the magnetic charging, which makes the pod look all over a whole lot better, and online reviews have prononounced it to be “stylish and awesome to use”, so for more information on vape accessories NZ, vape shops Auckland and flavored vape liquid please go to .